Hey Baby Let’s Cruise

So I told you last week that we returned from a very wonderful, very warm vacation.  I wasn’t lying.  Six friends joined us aboard a boat and we cruised through the Virgin Islands.  Just like last year.  Maybe a few different islands and a few different sights to see, but the outcome was all the same – we had so much fun!

VI Adventures 2012

VI Adventures 2012

VI Adventures 2012

VI Adventures 2012

When we explored, I took a camera.  But honestly, none of the pictures are very good.  I was ready to relax and being creative  was not on my list of things to do.  I wanted adventure.  And adventure is what I got alright.

You may wonder where I’m going with this.  

I’ll be upfront and remind you of how accident prone I am.  

That’s where I’m going.

We all wanted to go to the Baths, so we ferried to Virgin Gorda and ohmygoodness is that place beautiful!  The beach was unlike any I’ve seen.  Very rocky, very coarse sand, chickens galore.  (Yes, chickens.  Stupid birds.  I hated them.)  And the water was gorgeous.  I don’t have any pictures that do the place justice because as soon as we threw our towels down, I was in the water.  The hubs had swam out to a big rock and climbed up on it.  Being that I was seeking adventure, I followed.  I happened to not pay attention how close I was getting or how big the rock was underwater or something of value, because mid-kick my foot hit the rock.  And I might add that I’m a ferocious kicker when I’m in the water.  The rock didn’t disappoint – I had a cut on my big toe joint and it hurt but I pushed through.

When ended up leaving the Baths to walk through a cave of rocks – we had to climb, wade through water, duck down low and I was sure I’d hurt myself again.  I came out unscathed.  Tired, but unscathed.  We ended up at Devil’s Bay (that’s actually where the damn chickens were) and it was even better beaching.  It was such a good day, an excursion that we did all on our own and it was great.  Until we got back on the boat and my foot began to bruise.  Big, bad blue and purple on my foot.  I couldn’t wear shoes without it hurting.  I pressed on through dinner though because this girl doesn’t pass up a three-course meal with a decadent dessert.

In St. Thomas we explored Blackbeard’s Castle and it was actually a fun time.  I think the best thing I heard that day was a guy say, “They’ll take to you the 99 steps which is actually 103 steps.”  But we drank rum, climbed to the top of the watch tower, walked through several buildings – I actually got my best pictures there.  In Antigua we decided to walk St. John with friends and check out the cathedral.  Most disappointing cathedral ever.  Only because it was under construction.  After seeing what the sidewalks looked like, I can’t imagine how bad a 167 year old building looked.  We unfortunately got rained out in Barbados.  I blame Rhianna.

But we did have another adventure, in Dominica.  Very mountainous, much more so than the other islands we’ve visited.  The hubs recommended we go river tubing.  Sounded like fun – but I’d like to state for the record that this is the second excursion Mike has recommended that has driven us through the jungle and required a helmet.  Just sayin’.  The drive to and from the river was ridiculous.  Road construction… unlike any road construction I’ve ever seen… I’ve never been scared from road construction until our driver decided to drive backwards for an insane amount of distance to let a large work truck through.  Travel aside, the river tubing was fun.

We lost each other floating along but made acquaintance with other folks floating in tubes.  We all got stuck.  We all tried to paddle our way out of situations.  We all hit river rock with our bums.  (The guides would call out “BUMS UP!” when a lot of rocks were coming up.)  I hit several rocks with my bum and it didn’t faze me.  Until I was going through a rapid and slammed into one.  It hurt.  The outcome was a dark bruise the size of a lemon on my tookis.  I still have it and it’s been over a week later.  I don’t get it.

So while I had a gimp foot and a large contusion on my hiney, it was still a wonderful getaway.  I was so happy that friends could join us and I hope they had a great time as well.  We will be cruising again.  Probably go on even more adventures that require helmets.  I’m just not sure where that might be yet.

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January 24, 2012 - 11:04 am

katie o. - Blaming Rihanna for rain? Hey, she’s always prepared with her “umbrella”. HA! I crack myself up.
hope you’re all healed up!

February 2, 2012 - 11:25 am

Bowrag - Well I’m going to comment!

I actually like the picture of the boats in the cove. It turned out. Hope you guys had a great time!

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