Listastic Tuesday

It’s Tuesday.  It’s listastical.

  • I feel the need to apologize.  My existence has been scarce of late and it really is because my to do list is a mile long.  Somehow it keeps getting longer too.  There are not enough hours in the day…
  • But I promise I have some fun photos to share and hopefully can start on a new project for Shutterboo.  Yay to new projects!
  • I have traveled more in the last six weeks than I have any other time in my life.  First to Charlotte, then the Caribbean, on to Grand Rapids (can’t say I never made it to Michigan) and lastly the oh-so-lovely Bloomington.  I am tired of emptying suitcases only to refill them.  I don’t know how people who travel constantly do it, but I tip my hat to you.
  • I am also tired of doing laundry.  The hamper fills so much faster when a suitcase is involved.  Boo suitcase, boo.
  • The Super Bowl.  I like football, but could live without the Super Bowl.  What makes it worthwhile is the spread that comes with it.  This year didn’t disappoint with homemade chili dogs and fries.  And I made a Too Much Chocolate Cake.  I might have put Kahlua glaze on it.  And it might have been super delightful.
  • February is a month of birthdays.  Between friends and family, I think I wish about 15 people Happy Birthday.
  • But as my uncle celebrated his 50th birthday over the weekend, I know that a milestone is looming in my future… and I don’t want to think about it.
  • I’ve said too much.  I think I need more cake.
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February 7, 2012 - 11:44 am

Melanie - Have some more cake love :) This “milestone” that is approaching is not negative! Come join the club ;) When you come to visit I promise cake, whatever kind you want….luz you!

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