Listastic Tuesday

Oh Tuesday.  Be listastic.

  • Diet Dr. Pepper.  I love you.
  • I’m back in my knitting groove.  Flew through a baby sweater, making record time on a swirly cowl and I have a green hat in my future.  It feels good.
  • My beautiful friend Natalie treated me and my other two amigas to massages this weekend.  It. Was. Wonderful.  Spending time with them in a tranquil environment was nice.  Having a lady treat my right should like a ball of gooey dough was to die for.  Magic hands that lady has.
  • Which makes me wonder: Why don’t I ever treat myself to a massage?  The last time I got one was in 2006 in Mexico.  I’ve got to put this on my to do list every now and then.
  • Does anyone else out there despise the perforated price stickers  TJ Maxx uses?  Seriously.  It shouldn’t take me 30 minutes to get the price sticker off something.  Or ruin my nails in the process.
  • In other words, not a fan of  TJ Maxx right now.
  • I’ve been shopping for wall art since I’ll soon have walls at work (so long pod).  I picked out this one and this one to hang among the doggins.  Now I just need to buckle down and find frames.
  • As much as I love decorating I hate decorating, so hopefully I won’t drag my feet on frames.
  • I’m the world’s worst decision maker.  Takes me ages.  I see this as both a weakness and a strength.
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