Listastic Tuesday

Packed Up

• The last week has flown by.  Could be do to the fact that me and my fabulous co-workers picked up and moved six blocks down the street.  But I’m going to say it was the lack of technology and not looking at the clock every 10 minutes that made time speed up.

• Do you know how much you can get done without the interwebs?

• That is until you’ve done everything you can do without the interwebs.

• And I have a new roomie.  Her name is Lauren.  I’m sure she’ll provide much comedic relief during our 40-hour work week seeing that we’re less than four feet apart.  I’m hoping to reciprocate.

• This just in: Roomie and I, we both have intense sneezing habits.  It will be lovely come allergy season.

• I was so happy I got to visit with my big bro and two of the kids on Saturday, even if it was only 15 minutes.  My monkey of niece has gotten so tall, is a string bean, but has the straightest teeth in Dubois County.  My nephew… he’s still quiet.  He has the art of playing it cool down pat.

• Speaking of out-of-towners, I got to have dinner with this peach last week.  And her mom too.  I still wish my friends were back home but I’ll take them being in Tennessee over Michigan any day of the week.

• So you know how I said last Tuesday I was in a knitting groove?  My groove went to funk in a heartbeat.  I have a simple hat pattern smacking me all over town.  Boo.

• I bought skinny jeans.

• I know… there are pigs flying somewhere.

• I’m wearing them today.

• And my calves hate me.

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February 29, 2012 - 9:50 am

katie o. - We all do crazy stuff at some point. My sister, aka Sister, showed up at Thanksgiving wearing a pair with boots and all she could say was that she caved to peer pressure. It happens. Rock them and enjoy it.

S o c i a l
M o r e   i n f o