New Space. New Roomie.

our office

So if you haven’t heard, my office moved.  Of the daytime-job variety.  We packed our space into boxes and with loaded tape guns, moved a whopping five blocks east.  The new office is different.  Very nice, but still very different.  Parking is better.  (Free parking makes it ten times better.)  Since the building is shared with residents, there is a courtyard we’ve already eaten lunch in.  There’s windows everywhere!  And it’s gated which makes a bit safer considering there’s usually a parade of… some “strangers” that roam this side of Main Street.

But with this new office comes a new work space.  In the form of a room instead of a pod.  And I have myself a new roomie.  Lauren.  (This is her.  And her sweet husband, Ben.)  Lauren is hilarious, will do almost anything for a laugh, can sing along to every song (including the misheard lyrics to Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter – it’s ROFL worthy) and is all-around awesome.  She’s made work shinier and brighter for this gal.

So while we’re still getting somewhat settled and still trying to not offend each other on a regular basis, our shared space is coming together quite nicely.  We have this Rainbow Brite meets odd memorabilia meets doggin-love motif going on.  And I quite like it.  And I quite like my new roomie.  I see only good things in our future.

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March 15, 2012 - 9:54 am

Lauren Bellamy - And I quite like you! Work is oh so more enjoyable now that we are roomies. So happy togetherrrrr! And yes, this has prompted me to burst into song.

March 16, 2012 - 2:09 pm

Katie O. - I love your doggin wall!
My house needs a wall just like that. So cute!

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