Mary Poppins!

Me and Little Skipper treated ourselves to a show this week.  And what a treat it was!

We decided months ago when they first announced that Mary Poppins was stopping at The Kentucky Center that we would go together.  I’ve only seen a handful of Broadway shows but have enjoyed all of them.  And I had no idea what to expect with Mary Poppins.  How would the story change?  Would the costumes be the same?  Would they have my favorite songs?  And what about the set?!

The stage setting is reason enough to go.  It was amazing how they transformed a blank stage, how pieces of furniture moved in and out of the scene, how things would fold and unfold in front of your eyes.  Alongside the music, it was magical.  Jolly Holiday blew my socks off as the stage when from mellow to hello-color!  But my favorite was Step In Time.  The dance number had me wanting to climb over people and get on stage with them.  Never mind the fact that I can’t tap dance.  I love that Bert.

If you’re going this weekend, you’re in for a great performance!  And if you are still on the fence about it – jump on over and hop into Whitney Hall.  You won’t regret it!

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