A Nashvegas Wedding

Over Memorial Day weekend, the hubs and I made our way south to Nashville with a big handful of friends from college to celebrate a wedding.  Kevin and Sarah’s wedding.  Oh Kevi… how happy I am for you!

I’ve known Kevin for years.  I think we really became friends our sophomore year of high school and from there, we’ve become closer and closer over the years.  When I first met Sarah, I loved her.  I remember telling Kevin to “Wait for her.  She’s worth waiting for.”  And now they’ve gone off and got hitched. *yippee*

So while our trip to Nashvegas didn’t include any site seeing or side trips, we did stay in the Union Station Hotel which, if you could believe it, was gorgeous.  And the reception happened to take place there as well.  (We might have planned it that way.  Maybe.)  So I had my camera in my hands to try to document a bit of our trip. :)

This place was magnificent.  So so so pretty.
OK, on to important things.  Like cake…
Hundreds of Gigi’s cupcakes.  Bite size cupcakes.  To say I was in heaven is stating the absolute truth.
We were surrounded by familiar faces.  Friendly faces.  Because the faces belonged to our friends.  But sadly, I didn’t get photos of everyone.  I might have been distracted.  By food.  Then cupcakes.  Then dancing.

I’m a really good dancer.

But here are the friends I did catch!

And one of myself.  Just in case no one else got one.  It’s my security shot.

Before the night wound down, I snagged a couple on the dance floor of Kevin and Sarah.
And then, well, you’ve seen it already.  But who doesn’t love a sparkler exit?

Best wishes to my friends and their bright future together. Love you both and can’t wait for your next trip back home.

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June 5, 2012 - 8:19 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - Love me some Nashville. Did you at least stop off at Loveless on your way into or out of town for some fried chicken and biscuits?

PS, looks like it was a beautiful wedding. And now I want a sparkler exit. How can I make that happen?

June 5, 2012 - 3:18 pm

Barb Kurley, Sarah's mom - Very nice….Sarah’s dad and I really enjoyed this! Thanks for the kind words for Sarah. We’re glad Kevin is finally in our family! Jim and Barb Kurley

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