Jessica+Jeremy {expecting}

I always get giddy when I hear a husband and wife are expecting.  There’s so much that goes into having a baby.  And knowing that there are two people that already committed to one another and are willing to share their love with another little person… giddy, I say.  No different for Jessica and Jeremy either.  I may not know them on a personal level [yet], but my cousins are very fond of these guys.  And since my cousins are excited about the arrival of Levi Christopher later this summer, so am I!

I had the most wonderful time spending a sunny Sunday afternoon with Jessica and Jeremy, getting to learn more about them, their relationship, and seeing them just be together.  These two are head over heels for one another.  Their smiles, the way the look at each other, the way the kiss – oh la la the way they kiss!  There I go, being all giddy again.  But alas, Jessica and Jeremy are quite the couple and I was happy to help them document this exciting time in their lives.

One of my faves. :)

“We want to remember the excitement and mystery of what’s about to come and starting the next chapter of our lives.”  

The mystery – never heard it described that way before, but I love it.

I have to admit it hurts… it hurts when I meet such lovely people… and they’re UK fans.  But I’m an artist, so I must push through the pain and oblige their request to include blue in their photo session.  It is a rather cute bib.  But it’s still blue. ;)

So so so much love between these guys. I hope that little Levi Christopher knows that he’s getting a great pair of parents.

Good luck to my new friends – I can’t wait to hear of his arrival!

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June 11, 2012 - 10:29 am

Christy Tyler - Love it!!! And that first shot is GORGEOUS!!!

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