Rachel+Brian {anniversary}

I’ve heard Rachel say more than once that she’s “not a girly-girl.”  I beg to differ.  She may not be a fan of Barbies and it’s possible she has more tattoos than I can remember, but I’ve seen her wear lace, she has a thing for butterflies and happens to be head over heels for her high school sweetheart.  Girly-girl or not, I know that she and Brian have found the perfect partner in each other.

Rachel calls Brian her soul mate.

Rachel and Brian’s five year wedding anniversary is this month.  And the one thing that they’re still celebrating after 14 years of friendship and being a couple is their love – and that they have no regrets after all their years together.  *le sigh*

I love it.  I love them.  So so so much love.

The things Brian said when we took the shot above don’t need repeating.  But I can tell you we got “close.”  :)

This was the LAST FRAME.  The very last one.  And it’s my favorite.  It’s Rachel and Brian being them, being together and taking it all in.  They’re like this with everything in life.  Which is why they work so well together.  And why I’m so proud to be a friend of theirs.

Congratulations on your five year anniversary, Rachel and Brian!  Here’s to many, many more anniversaries!

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