How Does Your Garden Grow?


My friend Martha has a beautiful flower garden.  Every year, new flowers spring out and take life.  Peonies, irises and many more I don’t know the names of.  And as spring ticks on and turns to summer, different flowers take their place.  Her sunflowers are a sight to see as they grow so tall and take over the view from their porch.  In the midst of her flower garden, she grows vegetables – some that are tried and true and some that are new to experiment with.  She has quite the green thumb.

Those are her flowers – flowers she picked from her garden earlier this year.  The colors were just magnificent and the bouquet that she prepared was so pretty.  I couldn’t help but take the camera out everyday as a new blossom would open.  Ever changing, but always beautiful.  Even once the petals have all fallen, the memory of the flowers remain, their scent lingers.

I do not have a green thumb.  I have a few plants I like to tend to… but if I’m being honest here, I usually water them once they start screaming at me.  And violets – I love violets.  My newest violet is doing well but just hasn’t budded any new flowers yet.  My old violet… well, that ended quite tragically.  But I have a garden.  It may not be filled with roses or kale, but I do have one.  And I love to watch it grow.

I had no intention of writing on the blog today.  But after padding around this morning, flipping through Facebook and writing a few emails, the urge came to me.  I’d spent time in my garden and I wanted to write about it.

My garden doesn’t consist of things – it consists of people.  My family, my friends, old and new, their families – they are my garden.  And we all do are part to tend to one another.  Be it spending time together, sharing a meal, sending a surprise package, lending an ear or holding a hand, a phone call or an email for no reason.  But stepping back and seeing all they’ve accomplished, all the things they’ve overcome and tackled head on, all the new experiences they’ve accepted with open arms – watching my garden grow between the seasons has been the best part.

I have a wonderful family, a strong family.  My husband, Mike, drives me crazy with his car obsession, but I can’t see myself without him.  He fills the pieces of me that are void.  My parents make it their mission to have everyone feel welcomed.  And never forget to tell me they love me.  My big brother is intelligent and witty and I’ve always looked up to him.  He found a beautiful wife that I love dearly.  My nieces and nephew are growing up and I love seeing their personalities shape into who they’ll become.  My cousins – all of those cousins of mine – you can’t help but have a good time and smile around them.

My friends are an extension of my family.  I love that my girlfriends from high school have found companions that make them stronger, more confident women.  The fabulous people from the office have fully converted to fabulous friends.  And cheerleaders, inspiring everyone around them. So many of our friends from college have children now, which is something spectacular all its own.  Holding their babies as newborns, playing with them in the floor, sneaking them M&Ms, swinging them up in the air, having Ari sit in my lap and help me knit a scarf…

I guess what it boils down to is that I needed something a little extra today, something from the heart.  I just feel blessed.  It’s amazing the people I’ve come close to over the years.  It’s amazing how different each one is – where they’re from, what they do, how we met – but when you look at them as a whole, they create the most beautiful garden.  A garden full of smiles, laughs, love, encouragement, support and memories.  It’s good to let your heart take over occasionally.

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June 20, 2012 - 2:05 pm

Christy Tyler - This totally made me cry today!!! So beautiful Brooke… seriously so beautifully written and such a good message. I’m terrible at gardening (or keeping house plants alive, I guess is what I mean – since we have no outdoor space for a garden), but this idea of the people in our lives making up our garden is wonderful. Maybe I am okay at gardening after all! ;-)

June 20, 2012 - 3:55 pm

Susan - You are such a sweetheart. <3

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