Finding the Perfect One

I’m not a very savvy shopper.  It takes me forever to decide what color to paint a wall.  I can never pinpoint which pictures I want to hang on a wall and once I do, which wall?  Shopping for clothes is the worst – I actually have a friend who I refer to as my stylist and when I question a fashion choice, I run it past her.  I wish I was joking.  I am just not good at making decisions and be A-OK with it.  I don’t even like deciding where to grab dinner out [, says the girl that loves to eat].

But after years of having a bare window above my kitchen sink – no blinds, no shade, no curtain – it is no longer.  I have found “the one.”

I’ve walked down the aisles when I visited department stores and fix-it stores, scrolled through pages of pages of online catalogs, and never once found a curtain that I liked.  Of course, the paint color I had chosen for my kitchen isn’t easy to match, but that didn’t matter when I set eyes on this guy:

My plans for being at Lowes only included finding a drill and a set of bits to hide from the hubs.  (He has several tools… but I can never find them in his garage… so I got my own… and hid it.)  But I did a detour down the blinds and curtains aisle, like I’ve done a hundred times before.  And there it was!  A full length drape of colorful flowers.  I immediately started digging to see if they had a valance… and they had one, only one, left.  I pulled it to my chest, did a little happy dance and then realized, with the package in my hand, that the green flowers would match my wall color.  (I’d later figure out that my nail color also matched it perfectly.  I have a disease and it’s called “green obsession.”)

But I am quite in love with this curtain.  Everything about it.  The flowers, the colors, the way it looks perfect above my sink.  And while I may sound like a nut going on and on about a piece of fabric, I’ve been patting myself on the back for my new discovery.  And so happy to find something so… me. :)

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July 3, 2012 - 10:30 pm

Melanie - I looks Boo-tiful :)

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