Who Doesn’t Love a Party?

When we started hosting our Independence Day party back in 2007, it was to celebrate our friends Erik and Laura.  They moved to Germany not long after we had moved back to Louisville.  And with their first return to the states being around the holiday, we threw a party in their honor.  The next year, another party in their honor as they moved back home after a little more than a year in Düsseldorf.  From there, the guest list grew and we’ve had more fun year after year.

The only thing that hasn’t kept up with the party is our kitchen; our countertops never seem to grow with it.  Weird.

This year’s party was a little different than those in the past.  Our friends’ children have always been invited to our house, but I guess I’d began to lose count of how many actually had little ones now.  Because my family room floor looked like this:

And I don’t own toys.

(Note to self: Buy some toys.)

(Also, get sidewalk chalk that doesn’t stain hands.)

But it was so much fun to watch all of our friends sit in the floor with their kids, hold each other’s children, run in the backyard with them… a little different than what we were used to, but so so so fun.

(You’ll recognize a lot of faces.  I wasn’t lying when I said I photograph friends.  They really are long time friends!)

We had some “newer” babies, including a set of twins:

All ranging in the ages of five down to six weeks.  Our house, backyard and driveway had been taken over by rugrats.

There were some “big kids.”  The big kids watched over the little ones.  Well, at least the ones that owned some.  The rest of just laughed at everything that was happening around us.  Because you just had to laugh at it.

My favorite part of the night was when I was asked if we could set up a pool.  They had it in their car…

(Is it normal for parents to carry a pool in their car?)

So armed with a little duct tape and a water hose, a pool took life in our backyard.  And these kids went cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  We got babies in diapers, people.  Wet, soggy, droopy diapers walking all over the place.

I always try to take pictures at our party, but I’m usually too busy doing other things.  It never fails.  I always will myself to sit down, but I pop right back up to refill ice, check on the dogs, find the beer I’ve misplaced ten times already.  But this year, I made time.  I gave myself about 15 minutes to carry around a camera – 15 minutes of craziness – and then I put it back in it’s bag and went back to having fun.  I’m glad I made time.  Because I don’t think anybody would have ever believed we had so many kids at our house with out photographic evidence.

And now I have proof. :)

(I counted 12.  12!)

We didn’t set off fireworks this year, not even sparklers, because there were burn bans all over the area and a recycling center had caught fire across the river in Southern Indiana.  Instead, we just ate and drank and talked and laughed and hugged and… it was just perfect.

Just perfect.


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July 6, 2012 - 8:19 am

Nazz - We had such a good time and so did the kids! Amazing how things change in just a few short years. I’m sad to be away from my family but love it that I have such an awesome adopted family that I have known and loved since college. Your 15 minutes did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the whole evening!

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