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Julie is not an unfamiliar face to this blog.  I had so much fun last spring photographing her and her son as a surprise for Father’s Day.  And then again in the fall when I had family mini sessions.  But somewhere in between those two, I had the pleasure of dappling with some interior work with Julie and her business partner, Jeff.  (Not to be confused with her husband, Geoff.)  Together, Julie and Jeff are the brains behind Studio Threesixty and their interior space designs are beautiful.  Usually modern yet warm, highly functional and with a hint of fun, the detail they put into a room always amazes me.

I’ve been able to view their finished designs at UPS and Kosair Children’s Hospital and like I said, the little things, the details, add up to something grander.  Julie also helped redesign my sorority’s house at UofL and captured the essence of the ladies that have passed through its doors since the 1960s.  But then again, I could be partial to that design.

With the open house of their new office space in the Mellwood Arts Center in July, we set forth to take some new team photos and headshots of the design duo.  We did some furniture rearranging, ventured to different areas of the center, battled the heat and ended up going head-to-head with an oncoming storm.  In the end, the storm won, but we were able to grab some great shots before it did.  

I owe a huge thank you to Julie and Jeff for fashioning me a raincoat out of a garbage bag – me and my equipment wouldn’t have made it to the car alive in that monsoon if it weren’t for that!  I mean, I almost drowned looking up into the sky and my contacts thought about abandoning ship, but that garbage bag was my saving grace!  Seriously – thank you!

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August 13, 2012 - 9:54 am

katie o. - Oh my! I love these shots!!! Will you do headshots for me? I mean I have no reason to have any taken, but these are tremendous! And how adorable are Julie and Jeff? By the way, Jeff had me at argyle sweater vest!

August 17, 2012 - 9:24 am

Susan - I’d hire these two based on these photos alone.

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