Annabella {baby}

The free world learned that Amber and Jeremy were expecting on Christmas Day.  From a photo that featured the most adorable Peter Rabbit quilt.  On Facebook.

That very Facebook post had me and the hubs playing the Guess Who’s Next game as we traveled around Louisville to celebrate the holiday with our own families.  (We get to play that game often.  Our friends are very busy.)

But my heart swelled for Amber and Jeremy.  I knew that they wanted a family and even though I had giggled at Amber’s matter-of-fact responses to childrearing, I knew that she had it in her.  So in May after an eventful labor, mom and baby were announced to be doing fine.  Later the free world would hear that “baby” was in fact a girl.  And a few days after that, we’d find out that her name was Annabella.

I first got to hold Annabella when she was three weeks old.  So tiny, so light and so beautiful – friends that were present passed her around loving on her, inspecting her and taking note of her sweet face.  Annabella made an appearance at our Independence Day party when she was 6 weeks old.  But it wasn’t until I visited Amber and Jeremy at their home and Annabella was about 10 weeks old until I saw it, my favorite part that results in these babies being born – my friends becoming parents.

The way they doted on her, talked to her, made it their mission that morning to make her smile.  How Jeremy just swooped her in his arms, tenderly placing her hands where he thought they should be, holding her little feet inside his hand.  And Amber… like I said, I knew she had it in her, but I finally saw it happen.  There was something softer about her, something that had physically changed her demeanor, her smile… in a good way.  She wasn’t just a new mother – she was a mom.

*le sigh*

So there you have it.  Amber and Jeremy pulled it off and gave the world another precious little girl to behold.  Meet Annabella.


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August 21, 2012 - 12:58 pm

Melanie - You always have such a way with words friend! Annabella is one luck little lady. Love this family!

August 21, 2012 - 7:44 pm

katie - I second that, Melanie. Brooke, I feel like I know this family after reading this post. Congratulations to them on that precious little girl. And what a wonderful name. And love the photos, as always.

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