Enjoy Living

Last week, Louisville couldn’t have asked for better weather. The temperature was great, the sky was filled with clouds and I was so lucky to have my nose in a front of a computer everyday at work and decompressing each night in the basement since our house was upside down for some floor work.

Sad, isn’t it?  I just let the beautiful weather happen around me and didn’t even bother to take it in.  Lame.

But then came Thursday.  I had a session with an adorable new family in the evening.  We met at Long Run Park and enjoyed everything the place had to offer: beautiful scenery, gorgeous light and that great weather that was still hanging around.

I often get caught up in the day-to-day and it’s so easy to overlook the things that are around you.  Like a perfect day.  But when I left the park on Thursday and started heading home, I couldn’t help but settle in and enjoy the drive.  Windows down, music up and the sun setting in front me.  It was the best drive home I’ve had in a long while.  Everything about my scene was picture perfect.


If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder. -Ray Bradbury

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September 17, 2012 - 10:08 am

katie - I love those stop and smell the roses moments.

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