Floating Wraps {product feature}

So last month I shared how I’ve fallen in love with taking my clients images and turning them into something they can hold, see without a computer or smart phone.  I’ve experimented with prints and press and I’ve already told you about the mini accordion albums that I think are the cutest thing since baby ducklings walked this Earth.  Well, I have a new product I want to share now: floating wraps.

Much like a canvas wrap that so many of us are used to seeing, a floating wrap is a frameless presentation that’s actually printed on photo paper and then laminated to protect it.  The laminated photo is then wrapped around foam core and attached to a mounting block so you can easily hang it on your wall.  The block is a couple inches wide, so the wrap looks like it’s floating away from your wall.

Below you can see the backside of the product and how the piece is constructed.

So why do I like this product so much?  It’s clean and simple display would look great in any home.  And the “floating” aspect of the piece gives it a more modern feel than pieces that just hang against the wall.  And it comes in several sizes: squares sizes from 8×8 to 12×12 and normal photo sizes from 8×10 up to 16×24.

But one of the things that sells me on the floating wrap is the cost – since the image is printed on photo paper instead of a more expensive canvas, price is where you see the difference.  Quality is not amiss whatsoever, but creating a wall of floating wraps can be more cost efficient and just as easy when selecting sizes to fit your wall design.

Floating wraps are a fantastic way to turn your images into art.   With the same visual captivation as other frameless pieces and the unique feature of floating, these wraps are a fun, modern way to display memories in your home.

More details on available products and features coming soon.

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