Listastic Tuesday

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• Can I just say how happy I am that it’s Tuesday and that it’s listastic?

• So it’s been one of those months where I feel incredibly busy but I’m getting nothing done.  Do you have those?  I’m living it day in and day out right.  Boo.

• But I’ve got the Instagrams to prove it. :)

• Three UofL football games back-to-back – FANTASTIC!  The UNC game gave me heart palpitations and my head a serious big girl ache, but they pulled off the W.

• Note to self: Stop screaming at the games.  Seriously, lady.  That’s what gives you headaches.  All those “NO NO NOs” that come outta ya mouth.  Stop it.

• Another W was pulled off this past Saturday as well against FIU… but it was close.  Luckily, I fell asleep in the 4th quarter and didn’t have more heart palpitations.

• Work. Is. Kicking. My. Butt.  It feels good to be challenged but deadlines are not my best friends.  And deadlines be nonstop these days.  Boo.

• Sometimes there are little baby cupcakes at work though.  And ice cream in the freezer.

• On top of craziness at work, the hubs and I decided to have new flooring put in.  Something that could withstand the doggins.  But unfortunately, that meant we had to move six rooms of “stuff” into the basement in 2 days.

• Getting it back upstairs… well, that’s taking some time.  Boo.

• The weather has been perfect lately.  But when fall settles in, so do allergies and our doggins are miserable.  Chase is on steroids.  Chevy is doped up on Benedryl.  Medicine heads all around.  I feel so bad for the doggins.

• We took advantage of the weather on Saturday and celebrated my grandma’s 87th birthday.  My family = top notch. :)

• In other news, I’M GOING TO ATLANTA NEXT MONTH!  After years of emails and phone calls and letters and business with media buying/selling, I finally get to meet Katie Oblinger for the first time.  She’s seriously one of my closest friends, we share so much of ourselves with each other and I just can’t believe I get to spend a weekend with her family and photograph a wedding alongside her.  I’ve already got butterflies.

• T minus 24 days until I descend in ATL!!!!!!!!

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September 25, 2012 - 10:39 am

katie - I still can’t believe we’ve been friends this long and haven’t actually met each other face to face. Still remember talking to you for the first time! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you’re going to be alongside me on this big adventure. It’s going to be fantastic and hilarious. The dogs and Camden are already giddy with anticipation!

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