What To Expect {mini sessions}

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With mini sessions only being a week away – *so excited* – I thought I’d take a minute to let you know what to expect.  Minis are similar to my standard sessions, but quicker (much quicker) and it helps to be a little prepared beforehand.  So here are some tips and some things to expect next weekend!

1. They’re called “mini” for a reason.  My usual sessions last an hour (or more) and there’s more wiggle room for exploring and for little ones that just aren’t that into the session.  But with only 25 minutes, we lose some wiggle room.

It helps to prepare your family for the short time – tell your kids that you’re here to take “good pictures,” but remind them it won’t last long.  And that we’ll have fun!

The Pruietts {family}

2. We will have fun!  I strive to not only make you feel comfortable, but to have a good time as well.  I tell silly jokes, I’m known to tickle little bellies and, for the grown ups, use a little mature humor.  I want you to feel like we’re just hanging out – I like making new friends. :)

The Carricos {family}

3. Come feeling confident.  Wear something that makes you feel great; if you look good, you feel good.  If your up for it, coordinate styles with your family, but I would avoid matching outfits.  (I may cringe when I see matching outfits. eeeeh.)  We’ll be walking, sitting and standing, so also consider clothing that moves with you.  But the goal is make you and your family feel good, because it will shine through your photos.

The Meehans {family}

4. Speaking of what to wear, consider the weather.  We’ll be shooting before noon, so it may be a tad chilly and the grass will be wet.  Layering clothes allows for you to cool off/warm up and also provides depth in your outfit.  With wet grass and leaves, shoes may get damp, so just keep that in mind.  (And ladies, remind your fellas that shoes and socks may be seen in your photos!)

Maggie+Madelyn {family}

5. Though we have limited time together, you’ll have several options to choose from.  We’ll move around the grounds to photograph different backgrounds, shoot some seated and some standing, and may even get experimental.  I’ll select the best photos from our session and from there you can choose your favorites.

Maddie+Stephanie+Tommy {family}

I’ve been looking forward to next weekend since the beginning of September and I can’t wait to meet some new folks!  Here’s to hoping for great weather, great conversation, great smiles and great pictures!

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