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If you’ve been a client of Shutterboo Photography or have searched my portfolio site, you’d know that I provide a disc of images.  When I decided to offer photography services, I tried to think of the things that were important to me.  And being able to have digital copies of photos and the ability to print them how I like topped the list.  So I always provide my clients with a high-resolution disc of their final, edited images and a release so they can print them for personal use.

But sometimes it can become overwhelming to print images.  Sure, you can print them off at your local department store or pharmacy, but sometimes the prints just don’t look that good.  And there are a lot of online printers these days, which is why I usually recommend my favorite to my clients.  The quality of prints can differ and I’ve seen it all: over saturated, under saturated, and the worst offense of all, skin tone is just not right.  So if you’re taking the time to print photographs to hang on your wall, you want them to look great, right?

I’ve made it even easier for you to order prints if you want to use a professional printing-house and take all the hassle out of it.  It’s how I roll.

This year, I decided to take my client galleries to the next level.  I wanted them to have a clean look, have a nice professional feeling and be easy to share.  So far, I’ve loved the gallery and I always get excited to send to my clients after I finish editing their sessions.  Seeing their images in the gallery platform just gives me goosebumps.  I keep all the galleries private (password protected) but you have the ease of sharing your link and password with whomever you like – sharing is super easy.

But the cool thing is that you, and the people you share with, can order prints right from your gallery.  The whole gallery can be purchased, individual photos can be selected… it’s just like using any other online printer only you don’t have to wait for the upload or worry about how the photographs will turn out.  Because each image is color corrected at the printing-house and if anything happens to your prints when they’re mailed to you, the printing-house has a guarantee so that you’re always satisfied.

There are several options available to print – wallets, 4×6 to 8×10, even 16×24 – I upload the full-resolution images to your gallery so that your prints will be outstanding.  I also offer standouts through the galleries; prints that are mounted on light foam core and gives you a frameless piece to hang.  Anything that has to do with prints on photography paper can be accomplished through your gallery.

I haven’t had this gallery feature for very long (I think since May), so every now and then I print some test images to see how they look.  The most recent prints are from Marybeth and Oscar’s wedding and I thought they were perfect.  Several different sizes, they were crisp and colorful and I was most pleased with the tone of their skin.  And I really liked the wallets – it’s a fun option for moms and dads that don’t like their kids’ school photos.

Nothing too fancy, but just an easy way to print without worry.  Perfect for gifts, for yourself, for your home – and it’s at your fingertips!  Don’t forget to check out your gallery next time you pop in!

More details on available products and features coming soon.  And stay tuned for a client giveaway!!!

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