Kristen+Dave {love}

I’ve been following Swell Dwellings on Twitter for months now.  All I knew was that she was a Louisville-area business owner, had a passion for interiors and furniture, and refurbished used furniture, giving it new life.  I later found out we had a mutual friend; she had met Robby and Heather at a local art festival.  And after that, we learned that we both know AmyHasBangs.  (I love Louisville!)  But we finally met in person last month.

I love putting a face with a Twitter handle. :)

Kristen and Dave were awesome sauce.  I know we had only just met, but I had so much fun with them.  And they laugh at my lame jokes.  (Let’s face, that doesn’t put a damper on things.)  But I was also impressed with how laid back they were.  We eased into poses, we changed things up, I stepped back and photographed them just being them.  They looked like they belonged together, make sense as a couple.  Kristen even told me that she loves where they are in their relationship right now, that she wants to remember how they feel about each other right now.  Such sweetness.

I was honored to photograph them, to capture Kristen and Dave when everything feels right.  And I can’t wait until our paths cross again… because they will.  Or when we start naming off more friends we have in common… because that will probably happen too.

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