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• Things have finally slowed down on the homefront… at least on the session-wise.  Still have editing to wrap for the holidays, some blogging to do and somehow already got myself making goals for 2013.  In a nutshell, my brain is still going 100 miles a minute.  But I think that’s a good thing.

• With all this 2012 goal assessments and 2013 goal planning, I am really looking forward to next year.  I think it’s going to be frickin great.

• I might have designed new branded stickers… maybe.  I think I have a mild sticker obsession.  And thanks to, I can fulfill the obsession quite easily.

• So you know that I work Shutterboo Photography on the side, right?  At the day job, I’ve been cooking and mixing and baking things into awesomesauce.  Including submitting my first article into our company magazine, Logic+Magic.  A small contribution and definitely not the last, but I’m very proud of my first publication. :)

• The hubs and I spent our Thanksgiving day with family – his and mine.  And while we were at my Granny’s, my sweet Uncle Timmy did my most favoritest thing the world: whispered he loved me into my ear when he hugged me.  It gets me every time.

• This past Friday was one for the record books.  A wonderful dinner with wonderfrul friends that resulted in too many laughs, too many beers and making some mommas-to-be stay out too late past their bedtime.  But it was worth it.

• Maybe because both of the most beautiful pair of blue eyes in the county were present.  Gotta love Rev and Thurman when they get together. ;)

• I think I said to the hubs at least five times that night that we have the best friends.  We really do.  Everyone we know is a joy to be around and makes time fly.

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