Listastic Tuesday


• It’s been over a week since we’ve been home from NOLA (also known as the weekend Florida drowned in Bridgewater), and I just can’t seem to find my bearings.  At home, at work… mark one thing off the list only to have ten more appear.  I did not expect mid-January to be so… so… I don’t know. Funky.

• But I did expect it to be filled with babies!

• I had my first session of 2013 just two days ago and I’m completely smitten by Baby Stella.  She’s precious as can be, sweet and so patient.  I really can’t wait to share more of her with you guys!

• But there is another sneak peek of Baby Stella’s session on my Facebook – check it out. :)

• And since this weekend, I’ve gotten the itch to get behind the camera again.  I gave myself a little break in December, but I want to roll up my sleeves and get creative.  I smell a short creative challenge in my future.

• If you have ideas, hit me up.  I’ve got none so far.  Help?

• And then there was that one time that Martha and I hosted a baby shower for Mrs. Rev.  It was last weekend as well and it was wonderful.  Great women, great conversation and great cake.

• I did happen to have dreams about the cake.  The night before and the night of.   And the cookie dough balls.  Luckily I still have a few of those to spare in my fridge to make dreams come true.

• Oh, believe me – you would have dreams too. Deelishuss.

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January 15, 2013 - 8:53 am

katie - look at that sweet girl. and i love her name. feels good to get back into things, doesn’t it? and what a lovely way to start. a beautiful baby girl and a list.

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