Celebrating Baby Gray {baby shower}

I’m not sure which of my friends these days aren’t expecting a baby (that’s right, because they all are), but my wonderful friends Jeremy and Jessica (also known as Rev and Mrs. Rev) are only a month out from meeting their little one for the first time.  And to celebrate the arrival of Baby Gray (which could be a boy or a girl), Martha and I pulled together a shower for their friends here in Louisville.  Jessica was no help – apparently your brain turns to mush when you’re busy growing a baby, so the only guidance we got was 1) white cake with a red middle, 2) not big on shower games and 3) cookie dough truffles.  (Apparently her mind wasn’t completely gone.)

We started planning before Christmas, found inspiration in the  gender-neutral invitation we loved, got everything in order and brought it all together to spend time with Jessica, shower her with gifts and eat homemade sweets.

Cake is the glue that holds these baby showers together, people.  Cookie dough truffles are what make strangers your new best friends.

Our take on the laundry line.  That included some very cute and beautiful hand-knit items by Martha.

Duck booties.  Kills me every time.

The “game.”  In lieu of playing games, we instead hid each guests’ name in a number.  And while mom-to-be opened gifts, she’d pick a number and that person would pick a prize.  Bonus: It became part of our decorations.

White cake filled with a strawberry center.  Oh my.  It was SUBLIME.  And watching Martha decorate it the evening before… torture!  But I helped.  I mixed the color into the icing.  And might have had a little pillow talk with it while Martha made flowers.

A wonderfully crafted onesie from Jeremy’s former co-workers.  It has a picture of little guy chopping down a cherry tree and the words “George Washington Gray” underneath.  Because Jeremy constantly reminds us that he wants to name his children after past presidents.  Because they’re “strong names.”

Odd to the outside world?  Probably.  Odd for Rev?  Heck no.

Jessica with her mom and her bump.

*love that bump*

And Jessica and Martha.  Love these ladies to bits.

I’ve said it plenty of times before, but the smartest thing my husband’s friends ever did was find amazing life partners.  Each of their wives is amazing and beautiful and I have no idea how these guys convinced these ladies to hang around.  But I am so glad they did.  And I’m so happy to call them friends.

Now we all have to wait a month or so to meet Baby Gray!  It’s an exciting time in our friends’ lives and Martha and I were very happy to help celebrate with them.  Now that the cake and truffles are gone though, I want a baby to photograph! :)

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January 21, 2013 - 3:45 pm

Nazz - I love looking at your pictures and reading your blog!! Can’t wait to get running with you when you get back from your cruise!

January 21, 2013 - 9:34 pm

martha - I agree with Nazi. I love to read your blog. They always make me smile!

January 22, 2013 - 3:17 pm

Melanie - Aww, love Mrs. Rev! She is one good lookin preggo!! Looks like you all gave her an awesome shower, sad I couldn’t be there to celebrate with the momma to be!

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