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Over the last few months, I’ve made products available for my clients. As you all receive digital images, you’re welcome to turn your images into products yourselves, but I understand how it can be overwhelming. Will the print house to get the color right? Will the quality be what you expect? Do you trust yourself to crop the image so that it fits?

Unless you’ve done it before, it can a bit nerve-racking as you sit at the keyboard and take a deep breath before you close out your shopping cart. And that’s one of the reasons why I started offering products: to make it easier for you. But also because I want the best possible quality for the photos you decide to turn into art for your home.

Before the holidays, I hosted a client giveaway for an 11×14 canvas gallery wrap.  I myself had never ordered a canvas wrap and though I was familiar with the quality of this product from my print house, I still wanted to go through the process, analyze the product and then gift it to one amazing and completely deserving client in time for the holidays.  My dear friend from college, Juliane, was the winner and together we selected images from her November session and finally narrowed it down to this one:

It’s just as you’d expect a canvas gallery to be, it’s frameless (which I love frameless presentation) and the image is printed directly on the canvas.  It’s then wrapped, or stretched, around a 1.5″ wooden frame and finished with a clean back.  The canvas provides additional texture to the image that you wouldn’t normally see on a photograph or a floating wrap.

The corners are perfectly folded and didn’t feel loose at all.  And I love how the top and bottom of the images wrapped over the sides, which gave it more of a seamless look.  As if the trees continued on.

I also really liked the back of the gallery wrap.  Not only is the canvas backed with sturdy matting, but the industrial staples really hold it all in place.  It came ready to hang with a saw-toothed hanger already attached to the back and little rubber stoppers at the bottom corners to help your canvas hang parallel to the wall without hurting your paint.

The thing that make a canvas gallery wrap different from the other wrap I provide is that it’s more luxurious.  The canvas printing is something different all together and any size canvas gallery wrap would look beautiful alone or alongside other wall hangings.  It’s also deeper; with the 1.5″ wooden frame, it has a  more refined look to it and really feels like an art piece.  The quality isn’t better – the product is completely different by comparison and that is why both wrap products are available.  But not everyone likes canvas… or the cost of canvas… so that’s why both options are available.

No matter how you choose to display your images, whether you create a small floating wrap, a large canvas gallery wrap or prints in frames, I hope you’re able to share them with your family and friends.  Photographs help us remember a certain moment in time whether it’s our children at a certain age or how we felt about our spouse before we started a family.  Just know that I’m here to help  you find the perfect product for your needs.

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January 30, 2013 - 4:00 pm

Stacy - Love them!! I keep thinking about doing that with a few of my photos…. I just haven’t yet.

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