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• I miss vacation so much. I didn’t realize how much I relaxed until we got home. And four days later, all of that relaxation went right out the window. Oh, vacation, you complete me.

• I’ve got so many new knitting projects up my sleeve. And a new row counter to help me out thanks to Martha. I also have a new ice cream scooper thanks to Martha. She gets me.

• Tuesday night I bit the bullet and own some new schnazzy running shoes. All that’s left to do is set up a game plan with my girl Nazzie and meet at the YMCA. Then we run. Or walknjog, rather. Or hell, zumba.

• I really do like my running shoes. They fit so well. They’re ugly. But they fit soooo well.

• A couple weekends ago, I celebrated AmyHasBangs’ birthday with her friends. A complete surprise, a wonderful gathering and so many laughs were shared throughout the night. I was happy to be there to help Amy eat the crab dip. And to see her brother giggle like a little school girl while playing Cards Against Humanity.

• Cards Against Humanity: A grownup, politically incorrect version of Apples to Apples that makes grown men giggle like little school girls. If you offend easily, then it’s best if you stay in the dark on this party game.

• I got a new bag. It may or may not be a camera bag. Be sure to come back later this week to confirm. ;)

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