Baby Henry {newborn}

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I was so excited to hear that my long-time friend Joia finally had her baby boy. I thought for sure he’d be a whopper – my beautiful friend’s bump was at max capacity and even the doctors estimated 9 to 10 pounds. Well, I was wrong, but so were the doctors. Henry Hughes Howe weighed in at a delightful 7lbs and 12oz – and as precious as he could be.

He was just three weeks old when I got to meet him. So small, so handsome and so loved by Joia and Andrew. Even their sheep dog, Toby, shares the love and has become Henry’s protector, telling mom and dad when the baby’s crying or trying to keep the photographer at bay. He’s the ideal Big Brother. :)

It never fails, but seeing friends become parents touches me in a new way. They may not always notice it, but they have it down pat already. Where to put their hands, how to cradle perfectly, how to give the lightest kisses so that baby doesn’t stir. It’s something special, that’s for sure.

Henry may have not been super happy during our session. There were a few breaks for the pacifier. A break for brunch. A break to have a side conversation with mom and dad. Once he quieted down and the session wrapped up, I held out my hands to hold the little guy. And he cried. Boo. But I still love this baby boy and can’t wait to see how tall he grows.

*my heart melts*

This was post brunch. Drunk on milk. Just look at the little smile. I love it!

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February 25, 2013 - 10:27 pm

Melanie - Handsome Henry! :)

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