Listastic Tuesday

Instagram Mosaic

• I can’t get enough of learning about branding, specifically branding yourself. It’s a necessity for my business for sure, but I just love reading what others have to say about, how they explain it, the different interpretations. But so far my favorite line of advice has been “let your freak flag fly.” I LOVE IT!

• With all of this reading and studying and homework, my motivation has been full-swing and I just need this weather to warm up a bit so I can meet up with a few new families to photograph!  Come on spring, you can do it!

• That donut up there? My weakness. I’m not sure why, but the office people bring in donuts quite often. And it’s the one thing I cannot stay away from. Cookies, cake, brownies, even the ice cream in the freezer I can withstand. But not the chocolate donuts with the little sprinkles on top. Nope. Never.

• But that’s OK because this homegirl has been hitting the gym at least three times a week!  So far I’ve learned to say no to spinning, know how to own the treadmill, have a weight circuit mapped out and have no issues bouncing around like a clown in Zumba or BodyJam. But I dislike the perspiration and red face that follows all these things.

• The doggins, however, are not fans of the YMCA because I come home later in the evenings. So if I plant myself on the couch anytime during the week, I have a dog (or two) attached to me. I’m totally OK with this.

• I had plans to meet up with my former Bosslady for drinks and she ended up with tickets to P!nk from a friend at the last minute. So I went to P!nk last Friday night. We were in the second the last row and behind the stage, but WHAT A SHOW! P!nk is a flipping beast of a woman and it was so cool to see her talk with the audience and even sign a fans cast. Great last minute plans for sure – thanks MB!

• And in two days, I’ll be back at the YUM! Center again. To see Bon Jovi. Again. :)

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March 12, 2013 - 8:54 am

katie - I love your instagram mosaics and you may be seeing them on my site soon. :)
i’m dying to know where the “let your freak flag fly” can be found. might need to do some motivational reading today.

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