Why It’s More Than Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Mosaic

Last week I went to my second Bon Jovi show in three years. I am a Jon Bon Jovi fan, from the old stuff to the new, I enjoy his music and can’t help but sing along with him and Richie Sambora.  But even though my fan-dom has grown stronger over the years, it’s not just about the music. It’s also about my girlfriends.

It started several years back when the hubs and I were still living in Indy. We had planned on returning to Louisville soon and had our house on the market. So to close down Indy, my friends Abby and Kelly came up for an overnight visit. We made dinner together, talked and laughed and then got a bit dolled up to go dancing. The nightlife hadn’t been something I’d embraced while living in Indy, so we ended up a little club on Meridian. I want to say it was called Tiki Bob’s. But that part is not important to the story.

We were having a blast together and I requested a Bon Jovi song from the DJ. Livin’ On A Prayer came on shortly later and we went into overdrive. If you let Kelly tell this story, she’ll say that everyone backed up and let us jam because we were so awesome. If I had to bet money on it, they backed up because they were scared of us. But either way you looked at, we had a song that tied the three of us together and made that night even more memorable.

A few years later, while we were celebrating my 28th birthday in Nashville, these two ladies surprised me with a ticket to the upcoming Hullabalou concert at Churchill Downs that summer. That included a show from Bon Jovi. I was beyond stoked, but the actual day itself was so much fun. It was way too hot, but we enjoyed ourselves, the additional company that came with us and made yet another Livin’ On A Prayer memory. Even on the ride home, I was talking nonstop about how much fun I had and was smiling like a fool. It took me several days to come off that high, but I know that the concert would not have been the same without my friends – they made it what it was.

So last Thursday, we met again to rock it out with the band. This time was a little different – we were behind the stage, we weren’t squished into a crowd that was singing with us, there was no heat stroke – but we had the best time together. We sang, we toasted, we acted ridiculous, we took too many pictures… and that’s why it’s more than Bon Jovi – it reminds us of each other.

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