That Face

It’s hard to believe we’ve had Chase for almost eight years. But even so, I remember the day we brought her home. How we gave in and let her sleep in the bed with us to keep her from crying. How fast she took up playing frisbee. The first time she started following Abby around because she had a taste of beer. All the trips we took in the car, her tucked in the back seat asleep, traveling between Indianapolis and Louisville. Every time she gets excited to see her grandpa. That she loves getting her bum rubbed but cannot stand a two-handed bum rub these days. How she likes to tuck herself in bed long before we call it a night. The way she tries to herd us to the food bowls in the morning. That her favorite game is attacking your hand under a blanket. Her depth of vocabulary and attention she gives when you say a word like “breakfast” or “hippo.” How she knows several tricks but will only do them for treats. And so quickly it defeats the purpose. And that rolling over is her go-to for quick begging trickery.

I always wanted a dog that would roll over. It’s the first thing I taught her. Mike asked why I didn’t teach her to sit first. Touché.

But the thing I love absolutely the most about this dog is how she curls up to me. Perfectly, she fits right in the pocket of my hip and legs when we sit on the couch. I can lie on my side and her little body fits like a puzzle piece against my tummy. I don’t think of my dogs as my children – their dogs and do dog things. But I look forward to cuddles from this little gal. Her warmth, her moans of comfort, how she shifts and stretches, those times she gets puppy-like and creeps up to my face to lick my ear. Chase is one of a kind. She’s my heart dog.

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April 2, 2013 - 9:31 pm

Christy Tyler - She is such a sweetie! Look at those eyes! <3

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