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The Final Birthday Hat

Something clicked this winter in the knitting department of my brain. And since this click, I’ve been a maniacView full post »

My Short-Lived Knitting Funk

After knitting hat after hat after hat, I decided to knit something new and different. An adorable infinity scarf thatView full post »

Anything “Baby Size” Is Cute

I found the most adorable baby hat pattern on Ravelry a few weeks back. … After reading the pattern a few times, IView full post »

Birthday Hats

Because you’re supposed to wear hats for a birthday, no?View full post »

Finished: My All-Day Beret

I already told you a loved it. Well, now it’s done. Sweet heysoos, I luz it.View full post »

Super Secret Knitting EXPOSED!

I got a text yesterday that asked “Would your super secret knitting project have anything to do with the package IView full post »

A Hat That’s Not A Hat – Yet

I know I’ve only knitted a handful of pieces but I didn’t think it was possible to like an unfinished pieceView full post »


I might have gone to the craft store this weekend. And bought new yarn. And clicked my needles.View full post »

What’s Free Time?

So around these here parts, it’s been busy. Work usually picks up speed this time of year. There’s beenView full post »

Super Secret Knitting Kninja

I hate keeping secrets. Especially when it’s a secret that I’ve forced myself to keep in order to surpriseView full post »

It’s Coming Together Slowly

My craft room, that is. I have so much to do, or so my to do list says, and I’m just taking my sweet time.View full post »

A “No Sew” Project

Crafty McCrafterson. That’s me. I have a stack of sewing tutorials I want to try [some day] but I don’tView full post »

Two Are Better Than One

When I began learning how to knit last fall, a few people told me that “it’s better to have a two projectsView full post »

Color Me Crazy?

I have this thing. About school supplies. I suppose office supplies could be included but staplers and hole punchesView full post »

Begging For A Beadling

When I usually get together with friends from college, it tends to be a large group. Husbands with their wives,View full post »

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