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New Year. New Recommendations.

The New Year is here. I don’t do resolutions.View full post »

Can’t Help Myself

I’ve met so many babies this year. So many friends that became moms for the first time (or second time). And I&#View full post »

Come and Gone

This Christmas passed rather quickly. We usually have a day chocked full of family time. Unfortunately, not this yearView full post »

On Parole

As of today, this morning, I’m finished with work until 2011.View full post »

‘Tis The Season For Baking

I feel like I’ve been such a good girl this year and Santa is totally watching because I was invited to not oneView full post »

Not-So-Invisible Camera

My youngest niece, whom I refer to as Little Elf, knows how to put on a show. So a few months back with Big Bro wasView full post »

I Love Holiday Cards

I love most things the holiday brings. The music, the decorations, the fuzzy feeling I get inside [that seems to dieView full post »

Listaticness For Friday

It’s Friday. And I have nothing better to do than make bullet point random ramblings. That is all.View full post »

My Model

With the new camera in my life and it being terribly cold outside, I’ve resulted to staying indoors and trying toView full post »

I Don’t Exist

Usually when we have guests over, we usually get rid of the dogs. Two dogs in a sea of people just make it harder. ButView full post »

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Every Thanksgiving, all we do is play musical dinner tables. House #1 by 9am, House #2 by 1pm, swing by House #3 for aView full post »

Dear People At The Post Office…

I had the pleasure of spending 40 minutes at the post office this past weekend. I was picking up a certified package soView full post »

Ten Facts About Mel & Thurmeo

(I couldn’t wait any more. Sue me.)View full post »

Sneak Peek: Mom-to-Be

I’ve looked at hundreds of maternity pictures lately. And if I can be completely honest here (which I can becauseView full post »

How ‘Bout A List?

Listaticness happening on a Wednesday. Say what?!View full post »

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