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Focus on the Positive

Snowball effect. That’s what’s going…View full post »

Hemingway Didn’t Have Pictures of Cookies

The week has started out poorly. But with my 12-hour work day behind me, I’m happy to be at home back in front ofView full post »

Le Blog, Meet Awesomeness

It’s all abuzz here in Louisville. “Have you been to the new arena yet?” I can say now, “YesView full post »


This dog. This dog right here.View full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Young Love

My younger cousin, Brittany, got married earlier this month. She’s actually my first cousin once removed. (Yes,View full post »

Lady Friends Outing

I already complained about the heat at Huber’s Orchard.  I’m over it – it’s so cool outsideView full post »

Hell’s Pumpkin Patch

Have you ever picked pumpkins when it was 91° outside? I hadn’t either until last Sunday. I’m here toView full post »

Super Secret Knitting Kninja

I hate keeping secrets. Especially when it’s a secret that I’ve forced myself to keep in order to surpriseView full post »

The People Make The Difference

I’ve held many a job over the years. I’ve done the food industry. I’ve done retail. I’ve doneView full post »

Operation No More Mice

We have a mouse problem. No, let me rephrase. We had a mouse problem. In our detached garage. For about two or moreView full post »

False Alarm

The temperature dropped on Saturday. It started as a beautiful morning, the sun was out and it was warm enough for meView full post »

Seriously… I Was On The Golf Team

Even typing that sounds like it’s the joke of the day. But I was. I played for my high school golf team myView full post »

Roller Jam

Growing up, I roller skated. Every Friday, I could be found at Robben’s Roost. I think I started going when IView full post »

Sciuridae Luck

When I got the mail last week, an envelope from the University of Louisville was tucked between the bills. UsuallyView full post »

The One That Can Hear

During the whole “dog jumping out of the window” debacle, Chase couldn’t have been better. First offView full post »

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