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RIP Purple Ball

The purple ball is no more. Part of it is in the trash can. The other part is in the dark abyss of the BDD’sView full post »

Friendship is… Cake

I don’t know if you remember [but I have no idea how you could forget] about that chocolate explosion Mel madeView full post »

What Is This 'Allergies' You Speak Of?

OK, so I don’t know about you, but with all the sniffling I’ve been doing the past week, I feel like my noseView full post »

Pass The Fruit Pizza, Please

I know. I’ve been posting an awful lot about food lately. I can’t help it, really. It’s this springView full post »

Silly Mud Putty

Abby hosted a little cookout this weekend. I had been looking forward to it since she mentioned it. I started gettingView full post »

nom on a plate

If you haven’t tried this, please do. I remember the first time I had strawberries dipped in sour cream and brownView full post »

I Don’t Like Potato Salad

Really, I don’t. Cold potatoes just aren’t appetizing and adding mayo, mustard and/or vinegar does not makeView full post »


It’s happening. All of my friends are having babies. This time last year, there were a few. Three years ago,View full post »

Ready To Mark Off March

March has been a doozy. The month, that is. Just filled with bad news after bad news.View full post »

Bowling Is [Supposed To Be] Fun

Friday night I went out with pals while the hubs abandoned me for work. The plan was to get dinner, go bowling and thenView full post »

Frisbee Fiend

My doggins LOVE to play frisbee.  LOVE.  Chase, of course, dominates the sport in our household but ever since ChevyView full post »

Happy Birthday, Home Fry

Natalie is the last of mis tres amigas to celebrate her birthday. She’s the baby of the group. By a wholeView full post »

Talk Derby To Me

Derby Day is Saturday, May 1st. That’s a mere 44 days away. And we’re only 30 days from Thunder OverView full post »

Uh Yeah, I'll Do Sushi

I don’t go out to lunch much – I bring it with me to work instead. But a co-worker suggested lunch out.View full post »

World War Z: What I Learned About Zombies

I do not like horror flicks. They scare me. That being said, I watch every vampire movie I can get my hands on [sansView full post »

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