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Four-Legged Frenzy

This past weekend brought what was the best weather we’ve had all year. It was warm but cool and sunny with aView full post »

How's The Weather?

It was so beautiful out today. So I took my lunch break outside and went for a walk.View full post »

One Word: AWESOME!

We had the incredible pleasure of accompanying our friends Josh and Mandy to the University of Louisville basketballView full post »

A Tad Bit Sweeter

This week was nice. At work. Yeah, we were busy doing busy stuff and learning new things. But it was sweeter becauseView full post »

Chase: The Camera Avoiding Doggin

My doggin Chase – the one that can hear and is super fly – doesn’t like her picture taken. I thinkView full post »

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Friday evening I met up with my friends Nicole and Melanie. We went to Mojitos and drank mojitos. It was fabulous.View full post »

Farewell, My Friend

Today is the beginning of what will be a sad weekend. I’m saying goodbye to a friend I’ve known for overView full post »

Who's Up For A Road Trip?

I’ll admit that I didn’t take very many photos on my quick trip to NashVegas with the pals. However, I didView full post »

Mrs. Rev…

… they say it’s your birthday so I’ve scoured through all of my flickr photos and realized I have notView full post »

NashVegas : Tin Roof : CWB

I went to Nashville with my pals Abby and Kelly this weekend. Well, really only Saturday. One day. To get in someView full post »

Paco Love

Paco – my handy little point and shoot camera – has been getting some major love lately. Paco usually sitsView full post »

Gummies Revisted

Because, well, I have no excuse.View full post »

Le Blog Needs Some Color

Winter can be colorless. No green grass, all the leaves have fallen, the sky stays a dreary gray threatening with snowView full post »

Another Year Older… It's All Good

A couple weeks back, I began reflecting on life as I know it. How I continue to age and take on more and moreView full post »

Look Ma, No Slush!

This morning the roads were slushy – it snowed some overnight. And it kept on coming down. And then it slowedView full post »

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