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Endangering A Species

All by myself. For reals, internet. At the rate I’m going, gummy bears will cease to exist in the next few weeksView full post »

She's A Big Sweetie

That’s what Rev says. To the BDD. Because she is. Just look at that face. Sweet face. Big sweetie face.View full post »

It's Finally Here…

Happy Birthday, Little Skipper. May all your birthday wishes come true.View full post »

Snow Happens

It snowed Friday night. And it wasn’t as bad as everyone had talked about. At least not in our neck of the woodsView full post »

TGIF: Thank Goodness I'm Free

It has been one of those weeks, my friends. And I couldn’t be happier that the work week is winding down in aView full post »

I Don't Question It.

I just go with the flow. I don’t know what it is about mis tres amigas, but they make me happy. We could beView full post »

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

I love my nieces and nephew. I love being around them. I love joking with them. I love photographing them. I loveView full post »

I Love Surprises

I’m a giver. I love giving or sharing something with someone and them get a kick out of it. So of course, I loveView full post »

This is me. Throwing my patience out the window. Or maybe a handbook.

I miss the sunshine. I miss dry skies. I miss dry sidewalks. We had a little teaser last Friday and Saturday – IView full post »

Boo's Gotta A New Bag

I treated myself. To a new purse. I got it in the mail yesterday. I love it.View full post »

The Bier Babies

Last weekend, I visited my friends Nazzie and Bier to get a gander at their newest addition, Baby L. They have a LittleView full post »

I Was Born To Do This "Aunt" Thing

Yesterday, I road-tripped it with my parents to visit my Big Bro and his family. I saw two of the munchkins beforeView full post »

Rocky III: The Bride

On Thursday, I posted a lot of pictures of me growing up. And on the very last one, my wedding day with the hubs, IView full post »

The Decade of Adulthood… Or Not

2010. Still sounds like the future to me. But it’s the future I look forward to. The future of my life as anView full post »

Stuffs At My Desk – Come On In

I’m always curious (no surprise there) to see others’ spaces.  Whether it’s their home, their car,View full post »

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