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Cooking With My Mel II

This week, Mel and I got together again to dirty up her kitchen.  I made out like a bandit with leftovers which almostView full post »

"Never Stop Impressing One Another"

The hubs and I went to a wedding yesterday. Eric and Lesley tied the knot and we’re happy we got to be with themView full post »

Double Trouble: The Party Animals

Those of you who know me know I love my doggins. Chevy & Chase. And those of you who know me and visit my homeView full post »

Post-Party Sunday

We celebrated the hubs’s 30th birthday yesterday. I love hosting parties – my house gets clean, the food isView full post »

Cooking With My Mel

My friend Melanie can cook like nobody’s business. This is why I started hanging out with her in college. That,View full post »

The Hubs Is Gettin' Old

There are a lot birthday’s in November – possibly the byproduct of Valentine’s Day? Abby justView full post »

Feliz Cumpleanos A Ti, Abby!

My beloved, long time, trouble-making friend Abby is turning older today. The hubs and I, and what felt like everyoneView full post »

OMG Kelly – Best Idea Ever

I don’t get caught up in Halloween – I’m more of a Thanksgiving person. You get a whole meal atView full post »

It’s Official

I’m losing my mind. I knew this day would come eventually but not this soon, not at my age. But I have been aView full post »

Because It's Ladies Night

Last night I met up with six of my wife-friends for a girls night out. And we did something we’d never in aView full post »

Melts My Heart

I finally dissected the huge [virtual] stack of photos I took at my brother’s. I’ve been meaning to do itView full post »

Kentucky Back Roads

Note: All of the pictures that are included on this post were taken from the car. Camera pointing through the frontView full post »

You Call This A Homecoming?!?

On Saturday, UofL had their homecoming football game against Southern Miss. [To my surprise] they actually got the winView full post »

Back To Normal

Today has been glorious. I’m glad I didn’t lose my groove after last Sunday. Things were back to normal.View full post »

Tres Sobrinas y El Sobrino

I love my big brothers kids. They are all so funny and so much fun to be around. I don’t think they realize justView full post »

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