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My 'Sorority Girl' Is Showing

While a collegian at the great University of Louisville, I decided to go Greek. One of the best decisions I ever madeView full post »

No Pajama Party Today

*sigh* No pajama party today. Breaking out of the box of my normalness. Only a few confessions.View full post »

A Bunch of Hot Air

Saturday evening, I hit up the Bluegrass Balloon Glow with Mrs. Rev. This was my first ever Balloon Glow and it wasView full post »

Because She Married Rev… Duh.

I’ve spent the entire day with my good pal, Mrs. Rev. I call her Mrs. Rev because she married our friend who&#View full post »

And A Blog Was Born

A realization set in today: it’s been only a little over eight weeks since I started my blog. It seems like it&#View full post »

Changing Colors = Changing Decorations

I’m not very Suzy Homemaker.  Meaning that my cooking skills are fair, I hate cleaning my house and I’m notView full post »

Wedded Bliss/Photog Miss

This past Saturday evening, I watched my childhood friend Emily get married to her hubby-to-be, Jonathan. She wasView full post »

Molly: The muttMohn

This here is Molly. She belongs to eMohn and sheMohn and I’ve known her for as long as they’ve had her.View full post »

Somnolent Sundays

I don’t do much on Sundays. I like it that way. Sleep in as long as the doggins will allow, lounge in PJs allView full post »

DHTB: Part Three

This post was posted for no other reason than to make you jealous. Yes, you heard right, another completely selfishView full post »

Don't Hate The Bacon

This is a completely selfish post. Completely. My friends know about my bacon obsession. I can’t say that theyView full post »

Funny People

I woke up bright and early to head down to the Waterfront to participate in Louisville’s Memory Walk today. AndView full post »


When the first plane hit, I was in my 8am class in the business school.  I couldn’t believe how full the atriumView full post »

Gather 'Round The Campfire

The Campfire. One of the best things about camping. Everything’s dark except for the flames licking the air.View full post »

Camp Corbett: It's Boatin' Time

I really enjoy being out on the water [that isn’t the ocean]. Lake living – I’d like to try this oneView full post »

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