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The Game Day

I have been looking forward to this past Sunday for weeks.  Since we received our season tickets in the mail, actuallyView full post »

Start With Why

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}! I watched a video of speaker Simon SinekView full post »

Listastic Tuesday

Today is my big brother’s birthday.  And it happens to be listastic.  Let’s combine the two, shall weView full post »

A Friday Pick-Me-Up

The BDD.  I tell ya what, she’s become quite the drama queen.  Used to be that I could stick my camera in herView full post »

Listastic Tuesday

• Me and the hubs had some new photos done of us back in June.  It had been years (YEARS!) since we’ve hadView full post »

Friend Reception: Celebrating Heather+Robby

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}! Heather and Robby aren’t new to this blogView full post »

Gettin’ My Read On

As much as I’m embarrassed to admit, I’m not a strong reader.  At all.  I’m actually pretty slowView full post »

Listastic Tuesday

• Last week has to be one of the best week’s I’ve had in a long while.  Three straight days of lovingView full post »

I Can Hardly Believe It

It’s hard to believe, but today is my blogiversary.  My THIRD blogiversary.  Been at it for three years and IView full post »

An Update To Life As I Know It

It’s funny.  You get yourself into such a schedule, you become so used to go-go-going all the time, you’reView full post »

A Friday Pick-Me-Up

After a long, busy week filled with new things, I thought it’d be best to end it with the happy doggin. Cheers toView full post »

Listastic Tuesday

• My former bosslady (slash mentor) (slash fab friend) got hitched on Sunday!  I was so completely honored thatView full post »


So.  You guys know a lot about me.  If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you’d know that I love toView full post »

BDD Montage

The BDD.  My “Big Deaf Dog.”  She’s special.  Very special.  And I love her to bits.  I pray thatView full post »

Super Crafty

If you follow me on Instagram (LOVE Instagram) (my handle is shutterboophoto in case you’re interested), you knowView full post »

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