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Monday Monday…

It’s Monday.  It’s listastic.  So be it. My weekend was filled with so many good things but none of themView full post »

These Days

These days when I meet up with friends for dinner, things are just different. We catch up on what’s going on inView full post »

Blogiversary Giveaway Winner

Sixteen folks left comments.  The chances were pretty good, people.  But there can only be one winner… And theView full post »


730.5 days have come and gone. 17,532 hours have passed. 1,051,920 minutes have ticked by. Man, does time fly. HappyView full post »

Link Love

With shutterboo hitting it’s terrible twos this week, I’ve been reflecting on my experience.  Many see aView full post »

Boo Turns Two: Celebration Giveaway

This little piece of interweb real estate came to be after some major over thinking and major boredom.  And even afterView full post »

Today is weird. So we need a list.

Ahem… On the news this morning, I heard about the water main break down by UofL’s campus.  Then I seeView full post »

Doggone Tired

While the parents play, the doggins are away. That’s how it goes in our house.  We have several guests over andView full post »

Post-Independence Day

This year marks the fourth year we’ve hosted a party on/around Independence Day.  Originally, four years ago itView full post »


The Big Deaf Dog.  What a handful this dog was yesterday.  Only 24 hours in a day and she manages to make me laugh,View full post »

Backyard Shenanigans

The hubs has been working hard on making our backyard usable again.  Which is necessary on account that the BDD pushesView full post »

On The Menu

It’s been quite some time since I’ve cooked something and been all wowza about it.  But I made a “View full post »

Island Time

While I didn’t make my goal of finishing up our vacation photos before the end of May, I got really close.  ThereView full post »

So Sorry, Big Deaf Dog

All the doggins want to do is go outside.  Well, that and eat.  But mostly go outside.  The BDD wants it so so bad.View full post »

Lazy = Listastic

I am getting too old to party.  I had a WONDERFUL time with sorority sisters on Saturday, some I hadn’t seen inView full post »

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