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Doggins. I love my doggins.

It feels like it’s been many moons since I’ve taken pictures of my doggins.  And that’s because itView full post »

Take A Breather

It has been a nonstop, one-woman rodeo show for the past two months.  Between photo sessions and editing images andView full post »

Emily+Josh {anniversary}

They met at a wedding.  Her cousin was getting hitched.  He was there to support his fraternity brother. The rest wasView full post »

Baby Amelia

I never go to the hospital to visit newborns and their family.  I think of it as private time, a place for family toView full post »

She Does Exist!

I’ve become friends with many a blog folks via the interweb thanks to this little blog.  But as far as I wasView full post »

Still Ain’t Done

Would you believe I still haven’t made my way through our vacation photos?  The cruise was in January.  It’View full post »

Ducks Are In A Row

I’ve been a busy bee for the last two months.  Diving head first into personal projects, expanding on ideas andView full post »

Love My Cousins

I have so many cousins.  So many.  I like it this way. Growing up, my cousin Chris and I were closest in age so ofView full post »

It’s Here. It’s Time.

The most wonderful time of year is upon us again: Derby time. The festivities have begun.  Hot air balloons have beenView full post »

The Not-So-Chocolate Festival

I am sitting at home, with my breakfast in front of me.  It’s my inspiration for today’s post, actually.  View full post »

On Top Of The World

I’m on a high.  A big buzz.  I’m oozing confidence. This doesn’t happen much.  Actually, I’mView full post »

Listastic. ness.

Enough with the rain.  I know that April is known for it’s showers but I dislike the prospect that our basementView full post »

One Of Those Days

It’s one of those days, people.  The kind of day that when you finally pry open your eyes in the morning youView full post »

Good Dog Gone Bad

You’d think after years of owning dogs and seeing them get into things, I’d know to pick up my stuff. AfterView full post »

You Might Think I’m Lazy

You might think I’m lazy because I’m going to write another listastic list but you’d only be halfView full post »

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