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Attraction through the view finder.  I go through phases where I constantly keep ending up in front of something.  ForView full post »

Island Time

While I didn’t make my goal of finishing up our vacation photos before the end of May, I got really close.  ThereView full post »

Still Ain’t Done

Would you believe I still haven’t made my way through our vacation photos?  The cruise was in January.  It’View full post »

Experimenting: Neutral Density Filter

Last year, I hit up the local skate park with a co-worker during our lunch hour.  Completely out of my element andView full post »

Some Inspiration

This week, the Challengers and I are photographing “movement.”  Capturing movement isn’t hard.  DonView full post »

I Might Have Gotten A Camera Purse. Maybe.

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}! At Christmas, my parents took the easy routeView full post »

Prime Time

I shared last week I ordered a new lens. I just didn’t tell you which one. I researched three primes: Canon 28mmView full post »

A Vintage Blue Hue

I don’t know much about Photoshop. I’m rockin’ out an older version (7.0) and finding tutorials canView full post »

Protecting Your Assets

Last week, a friend from work had his car broken into. In, of all places holy in the world, his driveway. And everyView full post »

Son of a Son of a Sailor I’m Not

St. Thomas. Beautiful St. Thomas. It was the first port of call on our trip through the Virgin Islands and it was aView full post »

My Top Picks of 2010

One of the things I really like about photography is seeing how I can grow throughout a year. Just looking back throughView full post »

Can’t Help Myself

I’ve met so many babies this year. So many friends that became moms for the first time (or second time). And I&#View full post »

Golly Gee Williker

I have figured it out. Yes, I have conquered Mac Daddy.View full post »

The Return of The Mac

I’ve got a secret. Well, it’s not really a secret. Lots of people know about it. And it’s not likeView full post »

Out To Lunch… For The Whole Day

Sorry I missed your click but I’m not in right now. Actually, I’m out for the day with Anamaris and we&#View full post »

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