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Meet Marlow

Meet Marlow. I squeezed off a few rounds of this pooch here while I was visiting friends with a baby. *shocker*View full post »

Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway

So I missed the anniversary date of le blog because I was on vacation with the girls. We went to New Orleans. More onView full post »

Broken Record

I feel like I talk about babies at least once a week now. But seriously folks, everyone around me is having babies.View full post »

Smiling Sunflower

I have a new-er pal. Her name is Navi. She carpools with dates my friend Alan. She’s also my most recent hair-View full post »

Smile For The Birdie

With so many friends expecting [and being invited to so many baby showers], my wallet started sweating bullets. IView full post »

If This Isn’t Kosher, Forgive Me

I’m just so excited. It’s taking everything I got in me not to run out the front door.View full post »

I’m Surrounded

I’m surrounded by babies. Friends are having babies. Friends of friends are having babies.View full post »

Getting Closer

I’ve began to notice that my 50mm has me trained. After using that lens for about a year and leaving is slappedView full post »

Photo Walk: Lily

If it blooms, I will find it. I love flower shots. It’s a mild obsession.View full post »

Turning Your Work Into Artwork

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}! A few months back, one of my Mom’sView full post »

Two Sparrows In A Hurricane

Last night I finished editing and uploading the photographs from my cousin’s wedding. I spent the entire day withView full post »

A Sneak Peek

I’ve got a lot of editing in front of me. As I scored several wonderful shots at my cousin’s wedding thisView full post »

What Women Want: Camera Purses

Of all the posts I’ve written, the one that gets the most hits [almost daily] is when I talked about my newView full post »

Repeat: I'm Not A Wedding Photographer

I told you yesterday about my first wedding experience and that I made out with a handful of shots. Twenty-seven (thatView full post »

Wedding Woes

Friday affirmed my original position on photography: I don’t want to be a wedding photographer. I already knewView full post »

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