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Learning To Love My Nemesis

I hate to admit it but I’ve been reading over my camera manual and accessory flash “operating instructions&#View full post »

Flash-Free Photog

Do yourself a favor and turn off your flash. And don’t use it for a week.View full post »


I’m always looking at others’ photo projects. Be it challenges, creating art with images, PhotoshopView full post »

What’s the Difference: Kit vs 50mm

Thanks to Facebook, I get to keep up with the very busy lives of my friends in the form of stalking. But I’veView full post »

Bowling Is [Supposed To Be] Fun

Friday night I went out with pals while the hubs abandoned me for work. The plan was to get dinner, go bowling and thenView full post »

Hook Up @ The Skate Park

I went on my first adventure to the skate park here in Louisville last week. The weather was out of the world fantasticView full post »

Photog Freak Out

OK, so this weekend I took a ton of photos. I took a long lunch with co-worker Troy (challengers know him as chimichowView full post »

A [Different] Flickr Challenge

I feel like I’ve been boring the last few weeks. Or more. With the weather being icky, I don’t get outView full post »

How Glare You!?!

The sunshine was out most of last week. It felt like it had been weeks, maybe even months, since the sun had shinedView full post »

More Blue For You

Yesterday’s challenge post of blue was one of the ideas I had scribbled in my notebook. Ppl waist down in jeans &#View full post »

Suitcase Miscellany

With the days beginning to get longer, I’ve been busting out the kahuna in the evenings. Granted, I only haveView full post »

NashVegas : Tin Roof : CWB

I went to Nashville with my pals Abby and Kelly this weekend. Well, really only Saturday. One day. To get in someView full post »

Let's Get Nekkid

I have had so much fun with the weekly photo challenge so far. And now we’re half way done – 26 moreView full post »

Bracketing: Because You Can

So I haven’t been hanging with the kahuna for very long and I’m still learning things as I go. As long asView full post »

Light Makes A Difference With A Light Box

A few days back, I showed you my new yarn for my new knitting project. It’s filled with greens and blues andView full post »

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