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Where Did Amy's Bangs Go?

So this week’s subject for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “cold”. I could take a picture of my purpleView full post »

Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day

A whirlwind of a day. That’s what yesterday was. Urgent issues were rolling around the office like tumbleweedsView full post »

Momma's Got A Brand New [Camera] Bag

Not really. Not at all in fact. But I found a great way to put one of my nicer purses to good use. So when I take myView full post »

A Photographic Keepsake

I’m completely guilty of uploading my photos and not doing anything with them. Only since July have I been doingView full post »

Not A Bunch Of Hot Air

Yesterday was a doozy. I think my skull is turning into a slow cooker – I start out real smart in the morning butView full post »

If I Only Had My Way

The nice thing about venturing outside of the county is the landscape. That wedding I mentioned yesterday? JustView full post »

"Never Stop Impressing One Another"

The hubs and I went to a wedding yesterday. Eric and Lesley tied the knot and we’re happy we got to be with themView full post »

Because I've Been A Busy Chica

Work is kicking my butt again this week.  I usually get to stay in my safe little pod and churn out media buys like itView full post »

Things [I Love] In A Light Box

After I put together my totally awesome light box, I realized I only had one lamp.  I thought I had two.  I have noView full post »

Do You Ever… ?

Do you ever do something so often that you want to try to photograph it? But every time you do, it looks like poo? *IView full post »

Leo: The Fat Cat

My friends have pretty much gotten used to the fact that I take pictures of everything. Occasionally, someone willView full post »

Me: 1, Photoshop 7.0: 132

Ever since I’ve had Photoshop 7.0, I’ve struggled. It’s really my own fault but that’s besidesView full post »

Did I Mention I Went To A Wedding?

Quick Facts: * who: Susie & Cliff * what: a wedding * when: this past weekend * where: Nelson CountyView full post »

Flower Power-Shooting

Every time I see flowers, I take out the camera. It’s just one of those things I do. Like Winnie the Pooh’View full post »

A Bunch of Hot Air

Saturday evening, I hit up the Bluegrass Balloon Glow with Mrs. Rev. This was my first ever Balloon Glow and it wasView full post »

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