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Going Cheap: Making A Light Box

Mrs. Rev has been very handy when it comes to making photography stuffs instead of spending mula on them. We’veView full post »

Wedded Bliss/Photog Miss

This past Saturday evening, I watched my childhood friend Emily get married to her hubby-to-be, Jonathan. She wasView full post »

Mini Walk About

At lunch yesterday, I hit the pavement in downtown Louisville with two of my co-workers, all three of us wielding ourView full post »

Gather 'Round The Campfire

The Campfire. One of the best things about camping. Everything’s dark except for the flames licking the air.View full post »

Camera Bags Are Like Purses, Right?

I’ve always been content with the brand of camera and lenses I own. And I’ve always been content with myView full post »

A Photographer's Rights

One thing my big brother (Happy Birthday to you!) is good for is finding stuff of the internet that I wouldn’tView full post »

Experimenting With Exposure

I toted my kahuna camera around all day at the State Fair for one reason and one reason only: the midway. Or for youView full post »

Are You Tired of Taking the Same Old Photos Over & Over Again?

So I’ve found myself taking the same photos of the same things quite often. Most of it has to do with the factView full post »

Morning Light

I never take advantage of the morning light. During the week, I need coffee to function; I drive to work on auto-pilotView full post »

I Heart My 50mm

I’m in love with my 50mm. In LOVE, I say. The hubs got it for me as a gift for Christmas(?) … my birthdayView full post »

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