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I'd Like To State For The Record…

… That I am not naughty. A Christmas tradition was born a few years ago. Every December, we take one evening andView full post »

NaBloPoMo Success!

I did it. I wrote a post everyday for 30 straight days. The cool part? No one complained. Well, not to me at least.View full post »

Oh My Goodness, Maxwell

What does it take to have six or so working adults continually abandon their desks throughout a day? I know, you’View full post »

It’s Official

I’m losing my mind. I knew this day would come eventually but not this soon, not at my age. But I have been aView full post »

The Knitting Knook

My mom is a knitter. Just in the past couple years she’s managed to knit 2 purses, 3 scarves, 6 baby bibs, 25View full post »

Leo: The Fat Cat

My friends have pretty much gotten used to the fact that I take pictures of everything. Occasionally, someone willView full post »

Did I Mention I Went To A Wedding?

Quick Facts: * who: Susie & Cliff * what: a wedding * when: this past weekend * where: Nelson CountyView full post »

Maker's Mark: A Kentucky Tradition

VJ and I were ready to stir up some trouble when we traveled south for a wedding this past weekend. And what better wayView full post »

Take Me To Nelson County

Later this afternoon I’m hitting the pavement with my pal VJ and the hubs [but only if he starts feeling betterView full post »

These Boots Were Made For…

Yeah, yeah, I know that song is totally overused but the only other one that comes to mind is Boot Scootin’ BoogieView full post »

The Green Thumb In The Family

I spent my entire Sunday with Big Bro’s family. I love his family, every one of them, even the angry one. It wasView full post »

Buckeye Me, Please!

Mom and I (well, mostly Mom… I licked the spoon) made a batch of Buckeyes. I love homemade candy but theseView full post »

The Boss Says It Best

Don’t hate me when I say this but I don’t like poetry. There are a few poems that touch me or remind me ofView full post »

While We're On The Subject…

Babies. I’ve spent a lot of time around babies this weekend. Good babies. Quiet babies. Beautiful babies. AndView full post »

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