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Stuffs In My Bag – Take A Gander

A fun way to end the week. You have no idea how excited I am about this weekend. Nothing terribly exciting going on &#View full post »

Renegade Update

All you need to know is that I survived. I felt weak sauce once I stepped off the bike, but I survived. I don’tView full post »

I'm A Two-Wheeled Renegade

I went to see a man about a bike. And now I’m hells on wheels, baby. Don’t knock the Huffy. I’veView full post »

Das Boot

The hubs frequents a local watering hole called Flannigans. He and his buddies are regulars; they sit at the same tableView full post »

Btown And Back: A Days Journey

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had to drive to Bloomington for work – my company is headquartered there and my team (mostView full post »

You Know You Want To Put Your Face In It

So while I was at the grocery store, I happened to notice that strawberries were on sale. So I got them. I walked aView full post »

The Ugly Lamp Contest

Lynn’s Paradise Cafe- one of the best local eateries that takes pride in it’s quirkiness – sponsorsView full post »

Why I Love The State Fair

By now, you’re aware of my love for the Kentucky State Fair. Everything about it gets me in high spirits. TheView full post »

A Bunch of Cocks [And Bull]

Yep, I’m talking about farm animals, folks. While at the State Fair, Abs and I headed over to the Pavilion forView full post »

State Fair Teaser

I told myself “Brooke, you are going to take at least 1,000 pictures. Yes, it will be annoying to sort throughView full post »

Shower Me With Showers

I’m not a fan of showers. The party kind. Not the bathing or raining kind. I like those. Sometimes. I don&#View full post »

School Daze Begins

You can definitely tell that public school has started around here. The roads are WAY busier in the mornings. The busesView full post »

Holy Eff, Is This A Joke?

So I log onto WordPress yesterday before I get out of dodge leave the office and WHAM! I see my doggin, Chase, staringView full post »

The Pod-Mate Returns!

So yes, my pod-mate returned this week! She was vacationing on the east coast with family all last week while thingsView full post »

River City is an Under[water]statement

So anyone who has a TV or the Internet probably saw on the news that the weather turned very sour in the Louisville areaView full post »

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