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The Carricos {family}

I love this bunch.  Whenever I get to spend time with Eric and Kristen, it’s always a good time.  And theView full post »

The Meehans {family}

Eli has grown so much since April.  So so much.  And he’s becoming quite the little man. The last time I got toView full post »

Maggie+Madelyn {family}

It’s a rare, but albeit wonderful thing if you get to spend time with Maggie.  Since she and her husband haveView full post »

Sneak Peeks: Mini Sessions

I was hesitant about the minis only because 25-minutes can fly by when you’re behind the camera.  I have no ideaView full post »

Mini Sessions {family}

With a new season comes a new offer: mini sessions! With my fall calendar filling up fast, I though mini sessions wouldView full post »

The Coxes {family}

It had been far too long since I’ve visited with Stacia and Wyatt’s family.  I think the last time I sawView full post »

The Mahoneys {family}

Nikki, Charlie and I have been friends for several years now and when Ally came along last year, I stopped by for aView full post »

Sneak Peek: Mahoneys

Sweet family.  Sweet baby girls.  Sweet friends. I might be in love with that little gal’s smirk. Expect more onView full post »

Julie+Eli {family}

I love surprises.  The idea of making something super secret, building an idea behind close doors only to deliver aView full post »

Those Cheeks

Sometimes, when working with little ones, the ones that are old enough to walk and old enough to mock but not yet oldView full post »

Love My Cousins

I have so many cousins.  So many.  I like it this way. Growing up, my cousin Chris and I were closest in age so ofView full post »

He’s A Happy One

Last year, I knew so many women who were expecting.  Three of which I saw 40 hours a week.  It was a delight to seeView full post »

I Turn To Mush

I’m like a broken record on here but it’s absolutely, positively true: I have fabulous co-workers.  They&#View full post »

A Sneakaroo

It’s not often I get to visit with my co-workers outside of the office but when I do, it’s usually a greatView full post »

Waiting and Anticipating

A friend from high school, that I hadn’t seen since high school, dropped me a note. Via Facebook. Thank you,View full post »

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