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Those Cheeks

Sometimes, when working with little ones, the ones that are old enough to walk and old enough to mock but not yet oldView full post »

Last Chance!

Today’s the last day to take advantage of my Grand Opening discount!! Be it new family portraits, engagementView full post »

Sarah+Madison+Kelsey {just because}

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}! Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror andView full post »

Emily+Josh {anniversary}

They met at a wedding.  Her cousin was getting hitched.  He was there to support his fraternity brother. The rest wasView full post »

Sneak Peek: Emily+Josh

It was spitting rain on the drive over to the sunny side of Louisville. And it stopped just long enough for us to getView full post »

Baby Amelia

I never go to the hospital to visit newborns and their family.  I think of it as private time, a place for family toView full post »

Grand Opening!

Shutterboo Photography is really for real now.  It shouldn’t be hard for me to imagine this, but for some reasonView full post »

Lauren+Ben {engaged}

I just couldn’t wait.  I had to share.  Too excited not to share. There’s so much love in the air. View full post »

Sneak Peek: Lauren+Ben

Guess what I did last weekend? Now guess what I’ll be talking about next week?View full post »

Love My Cousins

I have so many cousins.  So many.  I like it this way. Growing up, my cousin Chris and I were closest in age so ofView full post »

He’s A Happy One

Last year, I knew so many women who were expecting.  Three of which I saw 40 hours a week.  It was a delight to seeView full post »

Meredith+Troy {engaged}

If you are able to, surround yourself with people who believe in you and aren’t afraid to tell you so. MeredithView full post »

Sneak Peek: Meredith+Troy

I might have had the most wonderful time with these two.View full post »

AmyHasBangs and SoDoesHerDog

Amy.  Oh Amy.  How I love to photograph you. And your little dog, too. If you are at all familiar with le boo blog,View full post »

I Turn To Mush

I’m like a broken record on here but it’s absolutely, positively true: I have fabulous co-workers.  They&#View full post »

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