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Week 25: Person

I thought this week would be easy.  I thought wrong. I wanted to step away from a portrait and try to photograph aView full post »

Week 24: Shadow

I experimented this week.  And although I didn’t get the photo I envisioned, I did learn about lighting a littleView full post »

Week 23: Open

I started scribbling down my ideas last Wednesday.  I had so many ideas.  But I was uncertain how to even approach theView full post »

Week 22: Brown

It’s June.  I cannot believe it’s already June.  Happy June, people. I need you to know that I tried myView full post »

Week 21: Anger

After seeing the “anger” photos other Challengers have already submitted to the Flickr group, I kind of feelView full post »

Week 20: Tracks

I put a spin on this week’s subject.  Nothing track-worthy was coming to mind.  But leaving tracks, or more likeView full post »

Week 19: Artificial

So… did anyone else have trouble getting a photo this week for the challenge?  I only ask because when I flippedView full post »

Week 18: Red

Five days passed before I even tried to take this week’s photo.  I figured I’d find something red and haveView full post »

WPC {2011} Spotlights: Rural

After having doubts with my own “rural” photo this week, I’m completely blown away [and possibly quiteView full post »

Week 17: Rural

I’ll just say it: I don’t care for my photo this week.  I had two opportunities to visit unoccupied landView full post »

Week 16: Simple

Simple: natural, uncluttered, straightforward, not difficult, modest. Needless to say, we had a lot of wiggle room thisView full post »

Week 15: Movement

Last week, I was motivated to experiment with Mac and try my hand at panning.  But every time it was nice outside, IView full post »

Week 14: Circle

I almost missed my own deadline this week.  Last night, I was relaxing and taking in some What Not To Wear, thinkingView full post »

WPC {2011} Spotlights: Purple

I’ve had so much fun flipping through the Flickr Group’s photos this week.  So many different ideas, soView full post »

Week 13: Purple

It’s important that the people of the interweb know that I am wearing purple in honor of today’s photoView full post »

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